Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High Voltage in Jet Pack

PFS has received a patent on jet pack (without the jets) using ion
electronic backpack for human flight with silent, vertical takeoff & landing.

In simple terms, the base technology uses the flow of ions from one
electrode to another to move air which is pushed when these ions
collide in an air medium. Electrons driven across an air-gap create a
flow in that media when they collide with particulates in the air,
resulting in thrust directionally opposite to the master cathode.

Normally ion collision begins at around 20,000 volts, a figure that
PFS hopes to reduce, In this high voltage region, a gain of 1 watt's
worth of thrust can be achieved by doubling the voltage. However, 2
watts of input power are expended to achieve one watt of ion process.
The proposed studies will focus further up the efficiency curve to a
region where new gains can be achieved.

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