Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New High Voltage Pulse Generator Has 2.5ns Rise Time

SDS (Systems Development & Solutions) based in France has introduced high voltage pulse generators based on the use of field-effect transistor technology. These compact GIPO generators can produce pulses that can reach 5.5kV with a rise time of around 2.5ns. The pulse length is adjustable from 200ns down to 30µs. The model GIPO is available either in a block configuration or as a stand-alone unit.

It is basically composed of an adjustable high voltage dc/dc converter and a high speed, high voltage switch. The specifications include a brief theory of operation.

These high voltage pulse generators can be used in several applications where it is necessary to switch high voltage quickly. The GIPO series can be used with:
o Pockel Cells
o Multi Channels Plates
o Intensified CCDs
o Laser Diodes
o Flash Lamps

For more information, see http://www.sdshv.com/sds-products/high-voltage-pulse-generator.htm


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