Wednesday, June 23, 2010

200kV Resistors

Wuerth Elektronik’s printed pulse resistors achieved the impossible high-voltage range of 200,000 V.  Yes, 200kV.  That has been realized by "smart-conductive polymer thick film systems". The company's printed pulse resistors’ reason of success is their capability for assimilating quite high KW-load required for milliseconds. In comparison with conventionally mounted resistors, the printed resistors’ primary advantage is the high integration potential and consequently reduced volume, resulting in more robust and cost-effective components.

In many cases, conventionally mounted components are available only as a wired version, resulting in complex assembly and not reliable solder joints. Wired pulse resistors are much larger than standard resistors, need a lot of space and enhanced production efforts, cause much higher costs for procurement and storage and keep the failure risk at the solder joint wire.

These printed pulse resistors can be even printed on a multilayer boards’ inner layer.  Printed resistors are without solder joint, consequently never affected by soldering defects. Standard resistors for pull up/down applications can be printed in a controlled process at a tolerance range of ± 30 %. For higher grade applications, the resistors tolerance is reduced to a range of ± 5 % over their entire life cycle, even under extreme climate conditions (40°C/92% rH /1000 h).


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