Tuesday, July 3, 2007

High Voltage Power Supplies

A high voltage power supply consists of the following sections:
  • ac to dc converter (for ac input types)
  • dc to ac converter which generally operates at 20kHz or above
  • high voltage transformer
  • voltage multiplier, consisting of hv capacitors and hv diodes in a configuration that, as the name implies, multiplies its input voltage by an integral amount (neglecting losses and inefficincies). This also serves as the rectifier, converting the ac back to dc.
  • output filter (to reduce the ripple to the desired amount)
  • hv divider to measure the output voltage
  • control and monitoring circuits
  • output hv connector

Sometimes known as high voltage generators, high voltage power supplies are available in pc board modules, larger modules and as rack mount high voltage power supplies. Very high voltage and very high power supplies can encompass an entire rack, and/or have an external high voltage section.

Both linear and switching mode configurations are available.

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